How we do It

Identify ideal Customers using Person-level Data

Reach the best people to meet every one of your goals. We’ll help you find in-market customers similar to those who already completed the event, based on shared predictive behavior. We’ll rank them based on their likelihood to complete it now. And we’ll exclude people who already completed the event, so you won’t waste your budget on duplicate, irrelevant messaging.

Create Meaningful Messages that Drive Conversions

Send customers relevant messages across all their devices, driving them to complete the event. Continuously optimize your audience based on person-level browsing behavior and changes in consumer behavior (e.g., seasonality, new store locations). Once the event is completed, online or offline, we immediately stop messaging them about it. This ensures that you don’t waste money and that the customer isn’t frustrated by messages that make them feel like a number instead of a valued individual.

Measure Impact for Continuous Success

With a transparent view of every impression and attributed conversion (both online and offline), you’ll have a clear understanding of your return on ad spend. Most other vendors can only measure against clicks or online conversions—which doesn’t give you the big picture you need to make decisions for how to spend your future advertising dollars.